Monday, February 24, 2014

Nokia XL Android Smartphone Nokia Sailing Width

Nokia has just introduced three first smart phone based on Android at the Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) 2014 in Barcelona . Since Microsoft bought Nokia worth U.S. $ 7 billion , plenty of people who think that it is bad news for Microsoft .

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If there is already a Windows Phone , why Nokia launches Android handset ? According to Nokia CEO Stephen Elop , Android-based phones good for Microsoft . He makes the analogy is quite convincing .

Elop said , cheap mobile phones based on Android will make a lot of people use the services Nokia and Microsoft . " Nokia X is a new phone that will be the gateway to Microsoft, bring smartphone users to use Microsoft's cloud computing services , cloud computing is not owned by Google , " said Elop .

Citing page Business Insider , Nokia X marketed at a price of between U.S. $ 122 - U.S. $ 149 or about USD 1.5 million - USD 1.8 million . Elop said Nokia X targeting markets of developing countries such as China , India , and so on .

Nokia X runs on a forked version of the Android platform , which allows the phone to use the Android app , but it does not look like an Android phone . Importantly , further Elop , Nokia X does not use Google's services - but using Nokia maps and Microsoft cloud services .

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The purpose of the launch of the Nokia X is to make users fall in love with the applications provided by Nokia and then finally they put Windows Phone on the Lumia . It's not a bad idea because Microsoft does need to try something new to make the mobile phone market Nokia again rule the world .