Friday, March 14, 2014

No Usutu virus found in Dutch blackbirds

The Blackbirds for fatal Usutu virus Netherlands has not yet reached. This study of the Dutch Wildlife Health Centre ( DWHC ) and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment ( RIVM ) demonstrated.
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After it became clear in early October that the Usutu virus was advanced to the Dutch / German border , could not be ruled out for the blackbirds fatal Usutu virus would strike in the Netherlands. Already this year BirdLife Netherlands therefore called to report to the DWHC on dead blackbirds and then came from across the country a stream of reports of hundreds of dead blackbirds and thrushes in at BirdLife Netherlands compare species Netherlands and DWHC .

All tests were negative
In October, the DWHC than 70 dead birds picked up by section. These were mostly blackbirds , but also song thrushes and other birds . This 70 birds were selected for investigation because they , on the basis of the notification, the most meet the symptoms to which the virus is identified . But an examination of the blackbirds and thrushes Usutu virus is not detected . After section at the DWHC is material from these animals sent to the RIVM , where it is tested for the presence of Usutu virus . All test results are negative. So there are at present no evidence for the presence of this viral disease in the Netherlands .

Alert in 2013
Nevertheless, it is expected that the Usutu virus Netherlands will be reached . In the coming years The virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and gnats once the season starts in the spring , the virus is likely to spread further so again . When that will happen in the Netherlands and how wide and fast dissemination will be, however, is difficult to predict . Cooperation partners ( RSPB , Sovon and DWHC ) are therefore next spring extra alert to the possibility of occurrence of this disease .
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Would like to thank everyone who in recent months has been reported sick or dead blackbirds . BirdLife Netherlands It shows the great commitment of Dutch to in this popular garden bird . Because of all these reports , we can quickly get a complete picture and the investigation could be launched soon .


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