Monday, March 31, 2014

Risen, BlackBerry Prepare Three Mobile mainstay Latest

BlackBerry corporate leaders , John Chen , continues to rack my brain to regain its former glory a company that has long since disappeared . New strategy , a Canadian company that prepared three latest flagship device .

Chen said , as quoted from PhoneArena , Monday ( 31/03/2014 ) , has prepared three BlackBerry devices are equipped with the latest BlackBerry flagship current features , namely a physical Qwerty keyboard . Keyboard real , not virtual , it was mentioned widely favored by users .
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For that Chen has a strategy to market the flagship phones with features , namely a physical Qwerty keyboard . " Three models of these phones made ​​specifically for keyboard lovers , " said Chen . This flagship device , said Chen , will be launched gradually in the next 18 months .

Of the three cell phones , one of them is certain BlackBerry devices Q20 which has been introduced at Mobile World Congress 2014 title last February . Armed with a physical Qwerty keyboard device has a 3.5 -inch wide touch screen , trackpad , and a number of function keys . BlackBerry Q20 itself will be released to the market in mid-2014 .

And the other two , based on information from sources , is expected to be released with eight 64-bit processor core as previously rumored . The device is predicted to be present in 2015 .

Not only relying on the device , Chen also exert its efforts in other areas such as the BlackBerry Messenger messaging devices that will be made to the desktop computer version , as well as BlackBerry Enterprise Server . This Canadian company bosses are targeting BlackBerry 2016 is a turning point for the return victorious . (see also: waptrick mp3 download)

"It is our plan to restore the company's profit to a number of points in fiscal year 2016 . We need to make money on a consistent basis . And if we can do it , we can do other things , " said Chen concluded.

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