Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Labor Declaration of Support for the Central Java-Hatta Prabowo

Among workers in Central Java who are members of the Conference of Indonesian Workers Union ( KSPI ) finally settled the presidential candidate Prabowo as to be supported in the upcoming presidential election in July 2014 .

Declaration of the candidate stretcher Gerindra party coalition is done in RM Park Sari Soekarno Hatta Highway Unggaran , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) afternoon .

" Prabowo is the only candidate who receives workers' demands , " said Dono Rahardjo , Chairman KSPI Central Java .
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According Dono , only Prabowo who dared to sign a contract that contains a 10-point political demands of the workers at the peak of May Day commemoration in Jakarta .

While other presidential and vice presidential candidate for various reasons shy to approach political contract . " What if ( Prabowo ) broken ? We bill together . We surrounded the palace . If broken , then we have the record for subsequent years , " he explained .

Labour , further Dono , should not be involved in practical politics . But when all the aspirations handed over to political parties , in fact the products of labor laws affecting even siding with the foreign investors .

" We have great strength . If we can not enter the system , we can still do it by pushing the pro- labor candidate , " he continued .

Dono claims , support for Prabowo conducted jointly by KSPI , FSPMI , ASPECT Indonesia , FSP KEP , FARKES Ref , PPMI , ISI , SP migrants , domestic workers , port workers , SOE Workers , United Traders Market , HKTI , People's Artist , SNI , Honorary Teachers and Employees organization , Unity and People 's Forum Mini Housewife .

" We are members of the Indonesian house , " he said .


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