Friday, May 2, 2014

Snakes value Sulawesi Attorney Selective Logging in Handling Corruption

Association of Legal Aid and Human Rights of Indonesia ( Snakes ) South Sulawesi High Court judge local unprofessional and selective logging in the handling of corruption cases .

" Attorney never care if people criticized the handling of matters related to corruption and even the prosecutor is now investigating more closed when questioned the response of cases of corruption , " said Chairman of the Snakes of South Sulawesi , Makassar Wahidin Kamase on Saturday .
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He said investigators should be open to the public prosecutor and convey information about the development of the central investigating a number of cases .

One of the cases that should be opened stagnant cases of alleged corruption in the procurement of infrastructure projects Jeneponto and Bantaeng .

According to him , corruption cases handled by the High Court of South Sulawesi should not be terminated for no apparent reason and should be followed up because the initial evidence was enough .

" We wonder , sometimes there are also cases that would be exposed Attorney Sulawesi , there also does not want revealed . Such cases Alkes RS Power , with Dr. Zainab suspects , are suddenly at - exposure while handling corruption cases such as cases of alleged corruption this infrastructure , the Attorney hide impressed . Approximately what , " he asked .

According to Wahidin , the public also must be wondering with the attitude of the High Court of South Sulawesi impressed selective logging . Case numbering tens and hundreds of millions quickly exposed while certainly the case that damages the country billions of dollars hidden impressed .

The same thing is expressed , Anti- Corruption Committee which assesses if the High Court of South Sulawesi in handling cases of alleged corruption tend to be professional and selective logging .

"If you see and observe the number of corruption cases handled by the public prosecutor's office , investigators such as selective logging cases which would be delegated and which are left hanging , " said Staff Working Committee of the ACC , Kadir Wokanubun .

He said the assessment will be selective in the handling of corruption cases it is because the number of cases handled by the prosecutor's office does not have the clarity aka hanging .

While the corruption cases that do not involve local officials and small losses that serious attention , so it is reasonable if it appears selective assessment of the case .

"It's simple if you want to know the selective logging or not , we see that the value of some corruption cases only a small loss of tens of millions to hundreds , while the value of the loss of billions of cases that actually durable in the table investigators , " he said .

He cited cases of alleged corruption in the procurement of medical devices ( Medical Devices ) General Hospital ( RSU ) Power Makassar value of the loss is only about Rp800 million not wait for a long time finally completed and has entered the stage of prosecution before transferred to the Anti-Corruption Court .


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