Friday, April 25, 2014

Bakrie Telecom Revenue Drops 32 %

Bakrie Telecom's operational performance has not also shine in during the first quarter of 2014. Organizers Esia only managed to record revenue of Rp 390.499 billion , plunged 32 % last year compared to USD 582.497 billion .

In fact , in the period ending March 2014 Esia subscribers reached 12.258 million or numbers increased over the same period last year , there were 11.651 million subscribers .

As quoted from disclosure to the Indonesia Stock Exchange , Friday ( 04/25/2014 ) , this BTEL coded company suffered an operating loss of Rp 65.761 billion . Inversely related to the same condition last year profit of Rp 50.380 billion .
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However , at the bottom line , Bakrie Telecom posted a net profit of Rp 210.7 billion in the first quarter of 2014 , better than the same period in 2013 were USD 97.5 billion loss .

This achievement seems to be supported by the success of the company in a decrease in operating expenses by 14 % and profit from exchange rate of Rp 440.119 billion .

In May 2014 BTEL also have to pay back the debt interest payments denominated in U.S. dollars . The company is led by President Director Jastiro Abi also bear the burden of debt in the form of senior notes with a total value of USD 380 million .

The bond has a 11.5 % interest per year . Interest repayments of debt maturing this May 7, 2015 to be paid twice a year . Namely , each dated May 7 and November 7 .

Thus , May 7, 2014, BTEL must set aside U.S. $ 21.85 million or Rp 246.9 billion . The same value must also be prepared BTEL management in the upcoming 7 November 2014 .

On the repayment period 7 November 2013 , BTEL get relief in the form of delayed payments from the lender . Since July 9, 2013 , FTI consulting BTEL appointed as financial advisor to conduct a review of business and finance . Then , BTEL and bondholders formed a steering committee to discuss the re - profiling of debt bonds .

Throughout 2013 and Bakrie Telecom posted a loss of Rp 2.645 trillion . This year Bakrie prepare a capital expenditure of approximately USD 25 million to USD 30 million to shore up its operations in order to continue to improve performance .

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