Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Offer Professional Camera , Here Excellence Galaxy K Zoom

SINGAPORE - Samsung launched a new product to your photo enthusiasts . Yes , as familiar with the needs and progress of time , the South Korean manufacturer 's attempt to spoil the users , especially young people by presenting Samsung Galaxy K Zoom .

Located at the Red Dot Museum Singapore , Samsung officially introduced a new smartphone with a high resolution camera lenses most advanced ever in the face of the earth . Galaxy K Zoom is designed to offer professional camera controls and functions , ensuring that important moments are not missed and always loaded with full color clarity .
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Zoom Galaxy K rear camera has a resolution of 20.7 megapixels , while the front 2 megapixel camera . Remarkably , K Zoom Camera is equipped with BSI CMOS sensor which is believed to produce an image with high sharpness .

For the record , the Galaxy K Zoom lens can zoom up to 10x with good image results . Not only that , in the room or when conditions are dark , Zoom has equipped the Galaxy K Xenon flash that gives the LED light .

The new device also integrates the most advanced features for usability and camera functions , including AF / AE Separation ( Auto Focus / Auto Exposure Separation ), which provides the right balance between the light and the clarity of images , Pro Suggest that offers 5 settings filters that have been optimized

Not just for you who like photography , Galaxy K Zoom also so indulge your hobby to take pictures selfie . Even these features into the benefits of Samsung's latest products .

Alarm Selfie which frees the user to take a photo of yourself ( selfie ) with ease , and object tracking for clear , focused shots of a moving subject . Each feature comes with a simple interface , so that users can easily capture photos and videos with perfect quality , in any situation .

Selfie itself is now becoming a virus that attacks various circles . And this is what seems to be utilized completely by the Samsung to attract enthusiasts .

" I am very impressed . Samsung Galaxy K Zoom gives the best picture and also video . Everyone can enjoy this . Samsung has been working hard , I think everyone will be very satisfied with K Zoom , " said a professional photographer , Alex Ortgegar in front of reporters at the launch of Samsung Galaxy K Zoom .

" Great suggage , to a very great backlight , you only need to touch the background . Essence you are very easy to use this product ! , " Said Alex .


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