Friday, April 18, 2014

Jakarta- Cikampek Creeping Solids

Jakarta- Cikampek Creeping Solids
JAKARTA - Jakarta - Cikampek Toll Road leads Cikampek unusual . Since this morning to the present traffic flow Cikampek creeping solid start from KM 19 . Thing unfamiliar is most likely because most people in Jakarta are traveling out of the area to enjoy a long holiday .

According to the Center for Communication officer Jakarta- Cikampek , Dirman , traffic density occurred since this morning . " Bakda Friday is still jammed to the Cikampek direction , " he said , Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) .
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According to him , due to the density of the vehicle speed is only 20-30 kilometers per hour . Dirman added , the current density is dominated faction of the vehicle , namely a personal vehicle . Meanwhile , groups of two to five vehicles only seen occasionally passing . " Many private vehicles leads to London , " he said .

He estimated that the density until Friday night . Therefore , it is estimated there are still many residents who travel out of town over the Easter celebrations in Jakarta and surrounding areas .

Responding to the density , the add -in Jasa Marga Trans Jakarta as the two doors in the Main Cikarang toll gate 1 . " That first 11 opened , to 13 , " he said .

Meanwhile amid congestion bottlenecks there incidents that add that , at KM 42 , no vehicle running out of fuel . There was an accident at KM 15 single rider who becomes the center of attention . " It is also a factor in the congestion toll Cikampek direction , " he said .

It is said by him , to which leads to Jakarta , said Dirman , contrary currents . " For the direction of Jakarta deserted to this day , " he said .


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