Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wiranto 'Accept' Voice Hanura Low

Chairman of the People's Conscience Party Wiranto admitted he was not surprised by the results of a quick count some pollsters . From a quick count it as a party Hanura placed below . " His name is also political , the results beyond the usual expectations . I legowo , " said Wiranto in Media Nusantara Citra Tower , Central Jakarta, on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 .

According to Wiranto , there's nothing wrong with his party winning election strategy . He claimed all the party cadres have been working with the maximum . "Yes, that's the result that we have achieved , " he said .

Although able to receive a quick count , Wiranto Hanura optimistic the vote will continue to rise . He believes there is hope for Hanura can reap higher voice than on a quick count . Hanura still awaiting the official voting results from the Election Commission. " The results are not final . "
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Based on a quick count survey agencies , the vote Hanura averaging around 5 percent . Indonesian Survey Circle and Political Indicators Indonesia Hanura sound show at 5:28 percent .

While the results of Cyrus and the Center for Strategic & International Studies 5.2 percent . While the results of exit polls by 4.8 percent .


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